Your Money Matters 101

One on One Financial Coaching

Are you ready to take control of your money so you can live the life you deserve?

Struggling with money? You’re not alone.

If you don’t know how to tackle these common issues, financial coaching may be right for you!

Shame or anxiety about money
Money avoidance
Credit card debt
Sticking to a budget
Building up your savings

How it all works...

                             We work together to assess your financial landscape

Identify your money stress points...

Fill out questionnaires that dig deep into your money experiences, mindset, and habits.

Lay out your current financial situation...

Figure out where all of your money goes by putting your expenses, income, and spending into a comprehensive budget spreadsheet.

Develop a plan to reach your financial goals...

Come up with realistic steps to reach your goals, whether it's a debt payment or savings schedule.

                                 We support you with education and advise

Provide non-judgmental guidance and support...

Feeling tempted to buy something that is out of your budget? Send an email and get support to stay on track without shame.

Answer any questions you may have in real time...

Need something explained or researched? Send an email and you'll get the information.

Hold you accountable when you need it most...

Regular sessions that will ensure that you stay on track for your financial goals.

                                   Leave you with the tools you need to achieve your goals

Help you build good money habits...

Shift or replace current money habits with new habits that make it easier to meet your goals.

Develop and implement budgeting and savings systems...

Tracking spending will become an easier habit, and you can automate savings and debt repayments. With systems in place, you won't have to think as much about your money.

Prepare you to make your future money decisions with confidence...

As you pay down debt and reach other goals, you'll become more confident in your ability to make financial decisions.


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